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This blog was built to advise people on all things boiler and central heating related. Run by qualified gas engineers, we hope our advice will help people make the right choices for themselves and their homes. We also match homeowners and landlords with local, reputable gas engineers.

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A Note On Corona Virus And Your Heating System

The Corona Virus outbreak is something we may (hopefully) never see again in our lifetime. Hundreds of thousands are infected with thousands dying each day. Most of the population is self-isolating, and as a result our central heating systems are going to be working a lot harder to keep homes warm and provide hot water. This increased use will result in more boilers breaking down. We have listed a few small common problems you may be able to rectify yourself.

  • Low water pressure – Add more water via the filling loop underneath or integral filling loop directly underneath the boiler. There are plenty of videos on youtube to show you how to do this.
  • Radiators not heating up properly – Bleed radiators from the bleed at the top (could be on either side). If you have a combi boiler don’t forget to add more water to the system.
  • Boiler coming on at the wrong times – You may have forgot to change to time after the clocks went back. Find your timer/programmers manual and follow the instructions.
  • Boiler won’t fire up – If you have a prepayment meter, make sure it has gas on it (we see this a lot). Don’t forget to reset the boiler after you have topped up the meter.
  • Radiators won’t heat up at all – This could be a faulty TRV or an airlock. Turn all the working radiators off and see if it forces the water through to the one that doesn’t work. If it doesn’t heat up, remove the TRV head and make sure the pin will push down. If it’s stuck down you can usually pull it up gently with a pair of pliers.

We hope these few tips may help rectify any small faults with your heating system. If you’re struggling, call a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. As key workers, most gas engineers will continue to operate on boiler and gas emergencies throughout the outbreak. Just make sure you exercise caution and maintain social distancing.

If you want any help or advice email us at we would be happy to talk you through any small faults you may be able to rectify yourself.



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